Ricardo Sousa

Entrepreneur who was born in Santarém in 1979 and who has always loved everything that has to do with engines, cars and competition. He has been a federated karting and motorsport member since the age of 15. It was in motor sports that he had his first experience in management and it was here that he began to feel a fascination for entrepreneurship: when only 17 he faced the challenge of managing his racing team and undertook responsibility for all the steps necessary to obtain sponsorship, mange the budget, set budget priorities and hire support resources. He was never a champion in this sport, but several he won domestic and foreign prizes, and participated in international competitions a number of times.

However, he always had the ambition to have his own company. This was following a career in the automobile, new technologies and real estate sectors. As a Realtor he identified the opportunity to represent the prestigious brand Century 21 in Portugal. That was at the end of 2004 and so 21 Century Portugal was born. Recognition of the work carried out at a time when the economy was undergoing a corrective phase was the invitation for the Portuguese team to head the entry into the Spanish market and take on the same role in Spain in 2010. The year of 2010 was also when he was elected Vice-President of the Portuguese Franchising Association. His desire to start his own project and be able to contribute to the professionalization of the real estate sector in the Iberian market provide the personal motivation to lead this project.

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